Popular is climbing fourteen 8000-er: The mountains in the vicinity more than 8000 decimeters high! The Biwak team, Biwak is a popular MDR TV program, climbed all 14 in just two days. (see map). The hikes are mostly easy. You can win a t-shirt if you reach all 14 summits! See


under ‘t-shirts’
The Kahleberg, 905 MASL is not a part of the 8000-er walk!
For those who just can’t get enough, also in the neighbourhood in the Czech republic there are more 8000 summits waiting for you. For example the


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The 8000-ers:

Geisingberg 824m
Traugotthöhe 806m
Der Fuchshübel 8130 dm
Scharspitze 8080 dm
die Biwak-Kuppe 8280 dm
Großer und kleiner Lugstein 899m & 893m
die Wüste Höhe 8260 dm
den Hemmschuh 8470 dm
Schickelshöhe 8040 dm
Kannelberg 8050 dm auch Drachenkopf genannt
Steinkuppe 8057
die Stephanshöhe 8040 dm
Pöbelknochen 832m