Terezin / theresienstadt

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Roughly halfway Gottgetreu and Prag lies Terezin (Theresienstadt). In WWII the city had a Jewish ghetto and a transit- and concentration camp. The musea and exhibitions are very impressive and can be followed in english. In 2019 a paper guide cost 5kr. = app. €0,21. A substantional part of the fortress is free accessible. I advise to reserve a complete day to visit the full complex. A serious visit to the ‘small fortress’ alone takes at least two hours. The city Terezin is situated near the highway, but can be reached from Gottgetreu without using the highway. A vignet cost in 2019 310kr. Please be aware that buying the vignet can take some time. The personnel is, to put it mildly, unfriendly and not interested in selling vignets.

Terezin Kleine vesting

Terezin hoofdvesting